Full moon in June 2024

This full moon, closely coinciding with the summer solstice this year, brings us the Two of Disks card from the Thoth tarot deck. The rich imagery depicts a snake, symbolizing the inevitable change that is occurring for all at this time. The need to rest, to balance, to shift with the changing times. It’s a ripe time to ask yourself,

“What am I committing to in this earthly realm?”

“Where is the ‘yes’ where I feel I can build something, and where does it feel like I don’t have the actual wherewithal to do it?”

You may receive an immediate answer and you may need to wait for an authentic response. The waiting and sitting in the unknown can be challenging, though with the answer comes the shedding of old skin and transformation will begin taking shape. It is indeed a powerful moment in humanity where we have the opportunity to choose a new path, and the infinity symbol suggests the possibilities are just that: infinite!

New moon in June 2024

The Knight of Cups, from the Rider-Waite deck, is featured for the upcoming new moon this June. The message here is, “it’s time to align your mind and your heart”. One way to do this is by mentally tracking your heart – your emotional self. What are your heart’s desires? What emotions are running rampant for you at this time? What emotions are surfacing that you would rather sweep under the rug? At this new moon, consider engaging in this practice for clarity. A journal can be a good resource too. Awareness is the first step to change and change seems to be in the cards (and stars for that matter!) for humanity at this time. When we align our mental and emotional states we can be powerful agents of change!