July Full Moon 2024

The major arcana card, Adjustment, from the Thoth tarot deck is the focus for this full moon in July.

This card is about not taking responsibility for everyone and everything you do. It’s about the ability to be responsive. It’s about creating a bridge between your inner reality and bringing it to the outer reality – the place between what I know and sharing what I know. It’s a time to ask ourselves,

“What and/or how am I putting myself out into the world in authenticity at this time?”

“What am I taking a stand for that is in alignment with my authentic self?”

“What do I need to remain balanced during this radical time of universal shifting?”

Our earth is experiencing an intense shift at this time, and simultaneously there’s a shift occurring in humanity. It’s important for us to listen to what’s needed and respond appropriately. It requires us to let go of what no longer serves us, allowing us to find our centered and balanced selves among the changes.

July New Moon 2024

The Ace of Swords from the Thoth tarot deck, the very first deck I ever worked with, is a classic card for a new moon. It symbolizes a new idea, a new way of thinking, or a new mental state. It’s the seed, the beginning, from which all form begins. It’s the time to ask yourself,

“What new idea is ready to be seeded?

“What’s my mental state at this time?

“Is there a self-deprecating pattern that needs to be uprooted?”

The swords are powerful, and coupled with the ace, we’re looking at the potential for a shift in consciousness that can affect all aspects of life. The ace is the beginning, like the sun rising, and the card is filled with light and mystery – the great mystery of all of creation.