Compassionate Support for Conscious Seekers

I’m a compassionate guide for people wanting self-discovery, clarity, reflection, and ultimately personal freedom. In these challenging times, us humans are being asked to heal ourselves, in turn, healing our planet.

I offer Tarot card readings for people who want a connection to something greater than themselves. Readings, or “Reflections”, as I call them, can also help people navigate challenging life choices, situations, and relationships. I help bring the Divine down into your feet.

Here are my current offerings:

Wisdom of the Tarot

  • Tarot Reflections Taster– useful as an opening to understanding yourself and finding your center. Receive insight, guidance, and self=reflection.
    • 15 minutes. Offered on-line (worldwide) or by phone (in Canada and US only), Donation: $30. Payment by e-transfer.
  • Tarot Reflections Comprehensive – in-depth reflection and support as you navigate a challenging relationship, situation, life choice, and as part of your journey of self-discovery.
    • Allow one and a quarter hours. Offered on-line and in-person (in Kaslo, British Columbia). Donation: $120. Audio recording included. Payment by cash or e-transfer.
  • Wisdom of the Tarot Workshop – Deep dive into the principles behind the Tarot and discover the richness of a new-found perspective on your life. Ashley’s direct guided practice with the Tarot cards strengthens your intuition, your discernment, and your confidence.

Wisdom of the Body

  • Tarot Reflections + Bodywork – massage session infused with tarot. Receive guidance from the Tarot and then relax as your body assimilates the information and rejuvenates itself. Can incorporate various modalities including Swedish massage, reflexology, reiki, and essential oils.
    • Allow one and a quarter hours. Offered in-person (in Kaslo, British Columbia). Donation: $120. Payment by cash or e-transfer.
  • Gift Cards, sent by email for you to forward or print.

If interested in any of these offerings, please email me to inquire and/or book a session at

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