April New Moon Solar Eclipse 2023

The 3 of Disks card in the Thoth tarot deck, nudges us to pay attention to what’s showing up in these next few days (April 19th is the new moon). It’s revealing a new journey, project, or a goal you’d like to materialize. As my mind consciousness mentor in Ecuador explained, “where your attention goes, energy flows, and results show”.

This card is about working for what you want to fulfill in your life. The image of the pyramid here symbolizes the focus, energy, dedication, and courage it takes to see something through…like building the Egyptian Pyramids! It’s a journey that may require great effort and yet the rewards are equally great. If/when you feel those swirls of green/grey clouds in the background, or you feel like you’re spinning out of control, come back to your feet on the ground and remember to breathe!

April Full Moon 2023

For the full moon in Virgo, I pulled the Princess of Wands card from the Thoth tarot deck. For me, Virgo relates to health and the body and this card is spot on for this moon. It’s about making movement in relation to spirit and/or where you feel energized. Or rather, acting in accordance with the body’s wisdom. What makes you feel energized? Getting out of the mind, letting go of fear, and moving towards what inspires you is the goal around this time. There’s a lot of energy and activity in this card; you may find you’re able to get a lot done on the day of the upcoming full moon (Wed. April 5th)….and perhaps even have a significant epiphany!