November Full Moon 2023

The FIVE of CUPS, reversed, from the Sharman-Caselli tarot deck showed up for this full moon. It’s a rather somber card, and yet there’s a silver lining. This full moon you may find yourself needing to honour some kind of loss in your life, and/or recognizing what’s out of alignment in your heart. The reversal may indicate the need for you to experience the loss in a way you haven’t done before – perhaps with some kind of ceremony, journaling, or art creation. I was once told that, “tears are a way of watering the Earth”. There may be a readjustment needed to bring more balance and harmony and, ultimately, love in your life. The two cups behind the person are ready to be filled with your hearts’ desire when you’re ready to remove the cloak and turn around to see them. This time may feel heavy, yet it comes with the promise of lightness ahead.

November New Moon 2023

The Knight of Cups from the Hanson-Robson tarot deck exemplifies a person with elegance and grace, who utilizes these qualities for his or her self and for the greatest good of humanity. S/he looks in deep thought all the while connected to his/her heart. I love the purity in this card and this purity can be used as a strength in dealings of the world. For this new moon, we are being asked to connect with our emotional realm, connect with those things and/or people we love with all our heart. There’s real richness in these connections that will aid us in finding our way to being a better human being, and to fulfilling our hearts’ greatest desires. Of course, the challenge is to balance the hearts’ desires with the minds’ desires, so that they may work together in harmony for the greatest good of all. That’s the power of the Knight of Cups.