Full Moon in May 2024

With planting season upon us, I was prompted to consult my Herbal tarot deck for some insight into this months’ full moon. What showed up was The Medicine Wheel card. I love how the rocks are laid out in four quadrants symbolizing the seasons, directions, and life cycles. The card signifies a time of completions and endings – with every ending comes a new beginning. It’s a theme for 2024. As for slippery elm, I’ve used it for sore throats and coughs, and lung issues, making it a good fit in times of grief and loss that can come with endings. It’s a nourishing, smooth and comforting herb. The tagline for this card, as so eloquently said by the deck’s creators is: “bringing down to earth the sacred power of the sky”, translating to the power of manifestation available to humanity at this time.

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