January Full Moon 2024

The Star from the Rider-Waite deck is making a cameo for this full moon in January. “You are the Star of your Life”!

It’s the time to listen to the wisdom of the stars – the realm beyond the mundane – and bring it down to your everyday life. Part of going on any kind of spiritual journey or retreat (even if just for an hour) is the integration afterwards. It’s about listening for your truth and then disseminating the seeds in whatever way feels good. It’s an act of receiving and giving.

We all have the ability to create a connection to divine intelligence as well as a deep connection to the earth and the water world. The potential to plug into the stars and receive their wisdom is available to us all. It creates a solid centered place from which to make choices. Here’s to clear skies over the next few days so we can see all the stars in their twinkling glory!

January New Moon 2024

The first new moon of 2024 brings us the Two of Swords from the Mythic tarot deck. The questions to ask ourselves around this new moon are:

“What are my beliefs, my values?”, “What do I stand for?” and then, “What can I commit to at this time that is aligned with these beliefs, etc.?”

The being in white has his/her hands up around his/her ears as to shut out all outside distractions – all the outside sources that take us away from ourselves. We do this to access our divine inner knowing that is rich in information for our greatest good and that of all others. Whether it’s social media, a neighbour, or a dear friend wanting to give us advice, most often the best answers come from within. And when we’re in alignment, there’s a sense of peace as the Great Universal flow supports us. With that in mind, set an intention this new moon based on your commitment, and watch what unfolds!