February 2023 New Supermoon

Isn’t this card a beauty?! Even though I find this card so serene and calming, not everyone may feel the same way. After all, there are those wild yellow shooting star-like zigzags dancing around the cross. I think the focus here is on the inner gem – the mandala of the mind – that the swords are all pointing to. It’s what we need to focus on among the chaos of the outer world. It’s about coming to one’s centre and refocusing and refraiming your intention moving forward as we come into the speediness of March that spring brings (particulary for this March according to astrologer, Pam Gregory). Supermoons are always more powerful as the moon is real close to Earth, and it matters, regardless of whether you can see it or not. In whatever way, find your centre, what creates balance for you, and in that space you can confidently seed your intention/s for the coming months. From this inner soul sancuary, you will be well positioned to move out into the world with more ease and calm.

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