March New Moon 2023

Happy New Moon…and Spring Equinox…and World Water Day! Things are certainly picking up these days. I completed my annual vision board a couple days ago, a ritual that began 10 years ago when I moved to British Columbia. The Aries new moon is the ultimate time for planting seeds (figuratively and literally depending on where you live), and new beginnings in the astro world. We also gathered with a couple other families to honour the spring equinox…another ritual created a few years ago. We helped the children make eggshell candles. It was really sweet.

As for the Tarot, I pulled the Priestess card for this new moon. The Priestess asks us how we can intend on this Earth from a soulful place. I’ll quote what I wrote in the “Offerings” page on my website. “Bringing the divine down into your feet!” Aligning with our soul’s highest purpose is the key to our own inner happiness and peace. Easier said than done! We are being asked what’s most important to us that needs our attention and intention right now? The Priestess takes the time to sit in reflection, to dream, to create the vision for what is to be, and this process is like the juicy grapes in the cards’ image – fruitful.

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