February Super New Moon 2024

In consulting the Inner Child cards for this new moon we see Alice in Wonderland, correlating to the Wheel of Fortune in the traditional tarot deck. Like Alice, you can truly create your own reality and experience the adventure of a lifetime…or lifetimes. Upon exploring the realm of dreams and visions (and envisioning) you can creatively see how to move forward. Tap into your creative imagination; it will allow you to see what’s needed for the fulfilment of a long-held intention/seed you’ve been planting. At this time you’re needing to find the structure, the language, the form, and the details to bring the soul seed’s path to fruition. You may need to think outside the box – be bold, be brave, be connected to your heart! Opportunities are on the way. The Wheel is on your side, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

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