July Full Super Moon 2023

The nine of swords for this full moon parallels the fullness of the nines that full moons often bring. As a sword, it can relate to all those negative mental patterns that need uprooting. I’ve been hearing of many people experiencing physical pain, and yet I believe the root cause of all physical pain stems from either the mental realm or the energetic realm…and those two realms are connected. The thought form carries an energy, leading to an emotional expression, and is followed by a fulfillment in the physical realm. All physical form began as thought form. So, in my opinion, we can do all kinds of bodywork, however, unless the mental realm is also addressed the pain will ensue.

This full moon is a great time to become aware of those self-sabotaging thoughts that prevent us from feeling our best selves and can create dis-ease. The nine of swords can also indicate the need to acknowledge how we have been in self-sacrifice in some area of life or in a relationship.

Finally, it can indicate the need to honour the nine experiences we’ve had, or the nine choices we’ve made, that have led to expanded consciousness over our lifespan thus far. The full moons are potent times to carve out time for self-reflection, and it’s especially so for full SUPER moons!

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