September New Moon 2023

The Eight of Wands card in the Mythic tarot deck feels like a promise of something good to come. After an arduous journey, the dolphins are smiling as is the figure head on the ship. The eight wands are aligned and shining brightly, and even through they’re swaying in the wind, they are sturdy and vibrant. You’ve been working with something, you’ve likely endured challenges, and now’s the time to articulate it all. Put the pen to paper, or the voice on the recorder, or however else that process can happen. The times is ripe to create the structure and/or the principles for your endeavor. Whether it’s an inner state of being, a project of passion, or an intuitive life design, you’re getting close to it’s fulfillment. What’s needed now is the form – the final stages of the plan – that comes before the execution, and helps to create a strong foundation for both inner and outer success.

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