July Full Moon 2024

The major arcana card, Adjustment, from the Thoth tarot deck is the focus for this full moon in July.

This card is about not taking responsibility for everyone and everything you do. It’s about the ability to be responsive. It’s about creating a bridge between your inner reality and bringing it to the outer reality – the place between what I know and sharing what I know. It’s a time to ask ourselves,

“What and/or how am I putting myself out into the world in authenticity at this time?”

“What am I taking a stand for that is in alignment with my authentic self?”

“What do I need to remain balanced during this radical time of universal shifting?”

Our earth is experiencing an intense shift at this time, and simultaneously there’s a shift occurring in humanity. It’s important for us to listen to what’s needed and respond appropriately. It requires us to let go of what no longer serves us, allowing us to find our centered and balanced selves among the changes.

July New Moon 2024

The Ace of Swords from the Thoth tarot deck, the very first deck I ever worked with, is a classic card for a new moon. It symbolizes a new idea, a new way of thinking, or a new mental state. It’s the seed, the beginning, from which all form begins. It’s the time to ask yourself,

“What new idea is ready to be seeded?

“What’s my mental state at this time?

“Is there a self-deprecating pattern that needs to be uprooted?”

The swords are powerful, and coupled with the ace, we’re looking at the potential for a shift in consciousness that can affect all aspects of life. The ace is the beginning, like the sun rising, and the card is filled with light and mystery – the great mystery of all of creation.

Full moon in June 2024

This full moon, closely coinciding with the summer solstice this year, brings us the Two of Disks card from the Thoth tarot deck. The rich imagery depicts a snake, symbolizing the inevitable change that is occurring for all at this time. The need to rest, to balance, to shift with the changing times. It’s a ripe time to ask yourself,

“What am I committing to in this earthly realm?”

“Where is the ‘yes’ where I feel I can build something, and where does it feel like I don’t have the actual wherewithal to do it?”

You may receive an immediate answer and you may need to wait for an authentic response. The waiting and sitting in the unknown can be challenging, though with the answer comes the shedding of old skin and transformation will begin taking shape. It is indeed a powerful moment in humanity where we have the opportunity to choose a new path, and the infinity symbol suggests the possibilities are just that: infinite!

New moon in June 2024

The Knight of Cups, from the Rider-Waite deck, is featured for the upcoming new moon this June. The message here is, “it’s time to align your mind and your heart”. One way to do this is by mentally tracking your heart – your emotional self. What are your heart’s desires? What emotions are running rampant for you at this time? What emotions are surfacing that you would rather sweep under the rug? At this new moon, consider engaging in this practice for clarity. A journal can be a good resource too. Awareness is the first step to change and change seems to be in the cards (and stars for that matter!) for humanity at this time. When we align our mental and emotional states we can be powerful agents of change!

Full Moon in May 2024

With planting season upon us, I was prompted to consult my Herbal tarot deck for some insight into this months’ full moon. What showed up was The Medicine Wheel card. I love how the rocks are laid out in four quadrants symbolizing the seasons, directions, and life cycles. The card signifies a time of completions and endings – with every ending comes a new beginning. It’s a theme for 2024. As for slippery elm, I’ve used it for sore throats and coughs, and lung issues, making it a good fit in times of grief and loss that can come with endings. It’s a nourishing, smooth and comforting herb. The tagline for this card, as so eloquently said by the deck’s creators is: “bringing down to earth the sacred power of the sky”, translating to the power of manifestation available to humanity at this time.

Super New Moon May 2024

The Mythic Tarot presents the tarot card Justice for this super new moon. The figure in this card brings a message of balance, steadfastness, and of taking a stand for what s/he believes in. It often requires a letting go – a releasing of the old outdated way of being. It is a time for a new intention to be made. The owl may be bringing a message of loss that simultaneously comes with a gain or new beginning. The big pillars signify that you are protected by Great Spirit, Creator, your animal allies or however you see that Great all-knowing force. In these times, it can be comforting to remember that.

Full Moon in April 2024

The Inner Child cards revealed the Child of Swords for this upcoming full moon. The main figure in the image is Pinocchio, and the tagline for this card is “walking the path of your truth”. We are being asked to take an honest look at ourselves and ask this question: Where am I out of honour or integrity in my life? Just like Pinocchio, who learned many life lessons about love, honesty and sacrifice, we need to clear out the smoky mirrors. Sometimes we get into habits we’re not even aware of. Now is the time to come clean and use your mental discipline to move forward with authenticity and honour.

April New Moon 2024

Well, it’s another powerful new moon with the total solar eclipse. With the Wheel of Fortune from the Rider-Waite deck, you are being asked to see a new reflection of yourself. It is a reflection that’s aligned with your soul instead of solely your ego or facade. From this place within, you are able to choose your code of conduct so to speak. Your new identity and/or offering are coming together as you ready yourself for some kind of completion – the manifestation of whatever it is you’ve been envisioning and creating for yourself up to this time. In regards to the wheel, there’s an ask to look at your potential for greatness – your soul’s destiny – and also at your struggle simultaneously. We all have ups and downs on the journey of life, and keeping this in mind can help in times of hardship.

March Full Moon 2024

The King of Wands from the Rider-Waite deck signifies the strength of our creative fire coming out. It’s also a sign of our increasing connection to our spirit bodies and to our intuition. There is a presence in this being that gives the feeling of maturity, vast experience, and reflection. Here are a handful of reflective questions worth asking yourself over this full moon:

  1. What kind of ruler (over oneself, not others!) do you want to be?
  2. What are you feeling ambitious and creative and passionate about at this time?
  3. How can you use your spiritual strength as a resource or support for you and/or others?
  4. Where is your creative fire coming out at this time?

March New Moon 2024

The three of Wands from the Thoth tarot deck is shining itself upon us for this new moon in March. As we watch the return of the sun’s strength we feel a renewed strength within. Pay attention to see where and how Creator is showing up for you around a new commitment and/or awareness; there’s a new opening, based on what you have chosen to commit to, that feels enlivening to you. There’s a feeling of alignment and togetherness in this card too that’s life-affirming, urging you to begin building your sanctuary – from the inside out. Makes me feel like dancing!