The Epiphany while Wooling

On this frosty new year’s day I was inspired to attend to our sheep wool from this past summers sheep shearing. It is amazing what insight can be found in the simple act of working with wool.  While my younger son and I were sorting and prepping the wool for carding, I felt like I entered into an alternate reality.

We were out on the porch – as raw wool is mega messy – filled with bits of hay and dirt and poop galore.  I emptied out a huge sack stuffed with the stuff and it looked so dirty I considered tossing out the whole bag.  It was from our ram Reuben, and it was the dirtiest wool of the lot!  I decided to see if there were any parts worth saving so with bare hands, enabling us to navigate the scissors safely, we proceeded to cut the poop parts out of the wool.  All of a sudden, the epiphany came.  Here was this disgustingly dirty pile of wool, and yet as we started to cut the poo and goo out I noticed that there was actually alot of beautifully creamy clean(ish) parts underneath.  It was like, ‘sometimes you have to give some care and attention and look deeper at what first appeared so dirty and ugly to really see the potential and beauty of what’s in front of you.  Be open, there is beauty everywhere’.  

What a beautiful gift for the first day of 2023.  Thanks, Creator. 

Healing with Horses

Yesterday I spontaneously took my horse out on a trail ride on the outskirts of our land.  Spontaneous it was – I put her in a hackamore (essentially a bit-less halter with a rein) and that was it.  I hopped on her bareback and away we went.  I’m lucky as she’s the easy-going kind of horse that one can do that with safely.  

We rode up the road by our small local airport, meandered around the airstrip, and then began making our way back by way of the forest trails.  Last fall there was a bunch of logging done around our property, and there were a few big trees down right in front of where I would normally enter the trails leading back to our land.  So I walked her around the area slowly, and I could feel her agitation as I fumbled to control where we were going, thinking we would perhaps bump into a tree or one of the numerous stumps.  There was so much brush and trees and logs everywhere – it was a bit of a maze!  After what felt like five minutes of blundering around in the bush, and becoming increasing agitated and frustrated with the situation, I just let go.  I received the message, “just let her lead the way”.  So I did.  She proceeded to walk forward fully confident of where she was going.  She walked away from where we were, started down a nearby hill, one that I thought led somewhere else, and then turned left and led us to the “new” entrance to the trails.  I was in awe and complete amazement of what had just occurred.  Just then a big swell of love burst forth from my heart.   I won’t go into the details, but suffice it to say, I have been working with the concept of letting go and allowing Creator (in this case my horse) to lead the way.  Sometimes the best things us humans can do is to get out of our own way.   And that’s what I did.  That evening, I was reminded of the magic of horses to help us heal in the most graceful way.  <3