February Full Moon 2024

The fullness of the moon this month is represented by the 10 of Wands, from the Rider-Waite deck. It’s a time to ask yourself, “what are the ten ways in which I have followed my spiritual path or intuition…and where have I not? There’s a feeling of burden that comes with this card, and becoming aware of what you’re feeing burdened with and how that state came to be created will be the key to lightening your load. Perhaps there’s an ending of some kind awaiting you – in the inner and/or outer realm. With every ending there’s an opportunity for a new beginning. Halleluhja!

February Super New Moon 2024

In consulting the Inner Child cards for this new moon we see Alice in Wonderland, correlating to the Wheel of Fortune in the traditional tarot deck. Like Alice, you can truly create your own reality and experience the adventure of a lifetime…or lifetimes. Upon exploring the realm of dreams and visions (and envisioning) you can creatively see how to move forward. Tap into your creative imagination; it will allow you to see what’s needed for the fulfilment of a long-held intention/seed you’ve been planting. At this time you’re needing to find the structure, the language, the form, and the details to bring the soul seed’s path to fruition. You may need to think outside the box – be bold, be brave, be connected to your heart! Opportunities are on the way. The Wheel is on your side, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

January Full Moon 2024

The Star from the Rider-Waite deck is making a cameo for this full moon in January. “You are the Star of your Life”!

It’s the time to listen to the wisdom of the stars – the realm beyond the mundane – and bring it down to your everyday life. Part of going on any kind of spiritual journey or retreat (even if just for an hour) is the integration afterwards. It’s about listening for your truth and then disseminating the seeds in whatever way feels good. It’s an act of receiving and giving.

We all have the ability to create a connection to divine intelligence as well as a deep connection to the earth and the water world. The potential to plug into the stars and receive their wisdom is available to us all. It creates a solid centered place from which to make choices. Here’s to clear skies over the next few days so we can see all the stars in their twinkling glory!

January New Moon 2024

The first new moon of 2024 brings us the Two of Swords from the Mythic tarot deck. The questions to ask ourselves around this new moon are:

“What are my beliefs, my values?”, “What do I stand for?” and then, “What can I commit to at this time that is aligned with these beliefs, etc.?”

The being in white has his/her hands up around his/her ears as to shut out all outside distractions – all the outside sources that take us away from ourselves. We do this to access our divine inner knowing that is rich in information for our greatest good and that of all others. Whether it’s social media, a neighbour, or a dear friend wanting to give us advice, most often the best answers come from within. And when we’re in alignment, there’s a sense of peace as the Great Universal flow supports us. With that in mind, set an intention this new moon based on your commitment, and watch what unfolds!

December Full moon 2023

The 3 of Swords showed up for the final full moon of 2023. This card urges us to focus on clearing out the self-defeating beliefs and patterns that pierce us in our hearts. What mental patterns do you need to purge? There’s a sense of peace and renewal that comes as you clear your mind – like the doves flying up in the sky. Perfect timing as we welcome in a new year. This card also speaks to acknowledging the heartache that’s present at this time in the world and all we’ve been through. As we continue to move into a new consciousness, we’re being asked to transform the heartache into something beautiful – just like a butterfly. Wishing you joy, peace, and love in 2024.

December New Moon 2023

New moons are a potent time to set new intentions and this new moon is also a great time to make a new commitment. What to commit to, you may be wondering. The person in the TWO of WANDS, from the Mythic tarot deck, is standing at a choice point considering how to proceed. S/he is being guided by the HIEROPHANT who can be seen in the background in the cave. You’re being asked to connect to your spirit and ask yourself, “Where do I feel alive and where do I feel my fire go out? Allow yourself to be guided intuitively to the answer. And when you have your answer, you’re ready to commit…or recommit!

November Full Moon 2023

The FIVE of CUPS, reversed, from the Sharman-Caselli tarot deck showed up for this full moon. It’s a rather somber card, and yet there’s a silver lining. This full moon you may find yourself needing to honour some kind of loss in your life, and/or recognizing what’s out of alignment in your heart. The reversal may indicate the need for you to experience the loss in a way you haven’t done before – perhaps with some kind of ceremony, journaling, or art creation. I was once told that, “tears are a way of watering the Earth”. There may be a readjustment needed to bring more balance and harmony and, ultimately, love in your life. The two cups behind the person are ready to be filled with your hearts’ desire when you’re ready to remove the cloak and turn around to see them. This time may feel heavy, yet it comes with the promise of lightness ahead.

November New Moon 2023

The Knight of Cups from the Hanson-Robson tarot deck exemplifies a person with elegance and grace, who utilizes these qualities for his or her self and for the greatest good of humanity. S/he looks in deep thought all the while connected to his/her heart. I love the purity in this card and this purity can be used as a strength in dealings of the world. For this new moon, we are being asked to connect with our emotional realm, connect with those things and/or people we love with all our heart. There’s real richness in these connections that will aid us in finding our way to being a better human being, and to fulfilling our hearts’ greatest desires. Of course, the challenge is to balance the hearts’ desires with the minds’ desires, so that they may work together in harmony for the greatest good of all. That’s the power of the Knight of Cups.

October New Moon 2023

Since I’ve been hunkered down in my kitchen the last while, processing all the garden goods and tree fruit, I decided to select a card from the Kitchen Tarot deck. The Strength card speaks so well to this solar eclipse new moon. The fire beneath the skillet asks us what we’re feeling passionate about these days. Furthermore, there’s a call ignite what’s in our hearts. If you’ve put something aside for a while, it’s time to dust it off and reignite it. Trust in the universal connectedness of all things, and that your timing is just right, or rather ripe, to unveil your most beautiful self, project, work, relationship.

September Full Supermoon 2023

The image in the six of Pentacles in the Sharman-Caselli tarot deck symbolizes the joyful generosity that each human is innately capable of. Furthermore, it’s as much about giving as it is about receiving – the reciprocal relationship that is deeply rewarding for All. If more humans could come to the mindset of win-win, think about how much more beauty there would be in the world? With all the heightened energy (albeit frantic energy) at this full supermoon, perhaps we’re being reminded to give something of ourselves this week. The act is both freeing and may make us feel like we’re a part of something greater than ourselves. Plus, according to Universal Law, giving and receiving are one in the same, and it always balances out in the end…whenever that is!