New Moon July 2023

“Ask God, Creator, or your helping angels – however you believe it to be – for what you’re needing at this time, and watch for it to show up in the next little while in some form. The key is to ask humbly and from an honest and sincere place in your heart. Be vulnerable just like the naked humans in the card. As I see it, they’re rising up from a death or ending of some sort and ready to begin anew…and joyously! Whether it be an inner or an outer venture, new moons are ripe times to make a commitment to something new. Simply looking at this card feels freeing to me. It makes me want to go and jump in the lake and leave my clothes behind!

July Full Super Moon 2023

The nine of swords for this full moon parallels the fullness of the nines that full moons often bring. As a sword, it can relate to all those negative mental patterns that need uprooting. I’ve been hearing of many people experiencing physical pain, and yet I believe the root cause of all physical pain stems from either the mental realm or the energetic realm…and those two realms are connected. The thought form carries an energy, leading to an emotional expression, and is followed by a fulfillment in the physical realm. All physical form began as thought form. So, in my opinion, we can do all kinds of bodywork, however, unless the mental realm is also addressed the pain will ensue.

This full moon is a great time to become aware of those self-sabotaging thoughts that prevent us from feeling our best selves and can create dis-ease. The nine of swords can also indicate the need to acknowledge how we have been in self-sacrifice in some area of life or in a relationship.

Finally, it can indicate the need to honour the nine experiences we’ve had, or the nine choices we’ve made, that have led to expanded consciousness over our lifespan thus far. The full moons are potent times to carve out time for self-reflection, and it’s especially so for full SUPER moons!

June New Moon 2023

I was away on a personal retreat this past weekend, hence my post arriving a couple days later than usual. For this June 18th new moon, two cards wanted to be known. First, the Ace of Swords: a fertile time for planting a new seed. The swords speaks to intending a new thought pattern, level of consciousness, or possibly a new idea as it relates to work, relationships, your home, or whatever area of life feels poignant for you at this time. This card, coupled with the 10 of Swords, indicates there may also be some kind of completion or ending in the same arena. Maybe you have had a challenging experience of some kind and are ready to begin anew. The card is asking you to look at what has been completed and to honour that phase, as a readiness for the new in the Ace of Swords. With the summer solstice coming in a couple days, there’s lots of potential for creating a really potent shift in mental patterns/consciousness. Pay attention to those subtle thoughts and/or dreams showing up at this time. All manifestations begin with an initial thought or idea. Follow your bliss!

Full Moon in June 2023

This full moon is a time to rejoice. That’s what the 4 of cups reversed is indicating. The moonlight is shining bright and it’s time to dust off any old grime and come into your full potency. Regardless of what’s going on in the outer realm (gray skies and choppy waters), fill your inner vessel with rays of sunshine. Let yourself bask in the joy and the warmth of summer. Perhaps that means enjoying a barbeque with loved ones, or it could be doing something loving for yourself like buying yourself flowers. Choose something that will help bring back your stability within. The full moon often brings issues to light, and sometimes that can bring up uncomfortable emotions. Ensure that you take good care of your inner vessel!

New Moon May 2023

The Nine of Wands, reversed, is asking us to come back into our full energetic potential on this new moon. Often times, I find my energy is low around the new moon; however, I feel buzzy today. I’m attributing this feeling to the strength of the sun at this time. It’s light at 4am in the PST! We gain strength and vitality when the sun is strong, so amidst the “grey” in the background – the smoke that we’re seeing in the sky so early in the wildfire season this year – set a good intention for this new moon. Perhaps make it a goal that feels like a dream or a bit of a stretch in some way, and yet possible in some way too…then go out and plant some sunflowers. Now’s the time!

April New Moon Solar Eclipse 2023

The 3 of Disks card in the Thoth tarot deck, nudges us to pay attention to what’s showing up in these next few days (April 19th is the new moon). It’s revealing a new journey, project, or a goal you’d like to materialize. As my mind consciousness mentor in Ecuador explained, “where your attention goes, energy flows, and results show”.

This card is about working for what you want to fulfill in your life. The image of the pyramid here symbolizes the focus, energy, dedication, and courage it takes to see something through…like building the Egyptian Pyramids! It’s a journey that may require great effort and yet the rewards are equally great. If/when you feel those swirls of green/grey clouds in the background, or you feel like you’re spinning out of control, come back to your feet on the ground and remember to breathe!

April Full Moon 2023

For the full moon in Virgo, I pulled the Princess of Wands card from the Thoth tarot deck. For me, Virgo relates to health and the body and this card is spot on for this moon. It’s about making movement in relation to spirit and/or where you feel energized. Or rather, acting in accordance with the body’s wisdom. What makes you feel energized? Getting out of the mind, letting go of fear, and moving towards what inspires you is the goal around this time. There’s a lot of energy and activity in this card; you may find you’re able to get a lot done on the day of the upcoming full moon (Wed. April 5th)….and perhaps even have a significant epiphany!

March New Moon 2023

Happy New Moon…and Spring Equinox…and World Water Day! Things are certainly picking up these days. I completed my annual vision board a couple days ago, a ritual that began 10 years ago when I moved to British Columbia. The Aries new moon is the ultimate time for planting seeds (figuratively and literally depending on where you live), and new beginnings in the astro world. We also gathered with a couple other families to honour the spring equinox…another ritual created a few years ago. We helped the children make eggshell candles. It was really sweet.

As for the Tarot, I pulled the Priestess card for this new moon. The Priestess asks us how we can intend on this Earth from a soulful place. I’ll quote what I wrote in the “Offerings” page on my website. “Bringing the divine down into your feet!” Aligning with our soul’s highest purpose is the key to our own inner happiness and peace. Easier said than done! We are being asked what’s most important to us that needs our attention and intention right now? The Priestess takes the time to sit in reflection, to dream, to create the vision for what is to be, and this process is like the juicy grapes in the cards’ image – fruitful.

March 2023 Full Moon

At the full moon on March 7th, the 5 of Wands asks us, “What stands in the way of your spritual greatness?”, “what zaps your energy?”, and “what needs to be let go in order for your spark to be reignited?” There are forces at work which are tamping down your quest for life – that fire within. This is the time for clearing out and releasing what’s not serving your highest good, so you can come to your natural state of coherence. Take a bit of extra time to nurture your spirit over the next couple of weeks. There are an infinite number of ways to do that – time in nature, meditation, dancing to name a few. Tending to our spirits at this time will help our best selves shine.

February 2023 New Supermoon

Isn’t this card a beauty?! Even though I find this card so serene and calming, not everyone may feel the same way. After all, there are those wild yellow shooting star-like zigzags dancing around the cross. I think the focus here is on the inner gem – the mandala of the mind – that the swords are all pointing to. It’s what we need to focus on among the chaos of the outer world. It’s about coming to one’s centre and refocusing and refraiming your intention moving forward as we come into the speediness of March that spring brings (particulary for this March according to astrologer, Pam Gregory). Supermoons are always more powerful as the moon is real close to Earth, and it matters, regardless of whether you can see it or not. In whatever way, find your centre, what creates balance for you, and in that space you can confidently seed your intention/s for the coming months. From this inner soul sancuary, you will be well positioned to move out into the world with more ease and calm.